What is insurance? What are its types and advantages?

What is Insurance

What is insurance in this article? And its types and benefits What is Insurance Hindi? Has told about In this article you will know the meaning of insurance, its different types and benefits. If you are on this page, then the following questions will definitely be in your mind regarding insurance –

What is insurance? What is insurance Hindi? Do you want to know what is insurance or insurance essay on insurance hindi? Do you want to know the benefits of getting insurance or insurance? Why insurance is important hindi?
Have you not got your family, house or vehicle insured yet?

if yes! So this post is very important for you. After reading this entire post, you will be able to know what is insurance in Hindi or what is insurance and why it is important to get insurance?

Let’s know – what is insurance? What are its types and advantages?

What is insurance? What is Insurance in Hindi?

What is Insurance

If we want to understand this in easy language, Insurance means – an arrangement in which anyone insurance company guarantees compensation to you in any kind of damage, illness, accident, or death.

Although insurance helps after every sad event, but it is very necessary for everyone. Who knows what has happened in this crowded life today. In such a situation, if you have done the insurance of your valuable things correctly then it works like a backup help for you. how? We will tell you about it further.

Types of Insurance and their Benefits

Different types of insurance have different benefits. We have given below some important Insurance Types and their Advantages.

1. What is a life insurance plan and its benefits (Life Insurance in Hindi)

On the death of a person who has made a policy by depositing a specified value in a life insurance plan or Life Insurance, the money is paid to the Nominee of the policy as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

People leave this policy especially for their family because there is no trust in life, so most people adopt this policy so that after they leave their family will get some help in the matter of money. term life insurance / claim / online quotes insurance /

2. Accident Insurance Scheme

In Accidental Insurance Scheme or Accidental Policy also, by depositing a specified value, in case of accident or injury to the policyholder in the event of accident of the policy holder, according to the terms and conditions of the policy. The amount is paid for the cost of the hospital or when it is dead.

The biggest benefit of Accidental Insurance Policy is that you do not have to bear any kind of expenses in case of an accident. The Insurance Policy Company bears all the expenses, but different policy has different terms which should be read and made.

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3. Medical and Health Insurance Scheme

In the Medical and Health Insurance Scheme or Medical and Health Insurance, you also collect a specified value in all the health-related matters of the policy person such as admission to a sick hospital, medicines, expenses of operation, etc. Insurance Provider Company.

This policy is very important because every year a person’s health is very poor. In such a situation, these policy companies also spend some regular CheckUp in a year. Now-a-days there is no guarantee when the health will deteriorate due to food and drink, health insurance policy proves very helpful in such a situation.

Types of health insurance

Family Health Insurance
Singal Person Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

4. Vehicle Insurance in Hindi

If you have your car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle then vehicle insurance plan or vehicle insurance is a must for you. This type of insurance policy is helpful in case of an accident or theft of your vehicle. But in some auto insurance schemes, third party policy is also done, in which the drivers of the driving drivers or the pedestrians can claim insurance.

It is very important to do this policy because it is one of the valuable things in our home for Yankee vehicles. Nowadays minor accidents happen, in such a situation, these vehicles also cost more. If your vehicle policy is insured, then you have no need to panic as you can claim the insurance policy company for minor damage to your vehicle.

5. Home Insurance

In the insurance that is done in home insurance or home insurance, according to the building materials and structure of your house, a policy is made. In this insurance company incur expenses on damage of both household or household items.

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This insurance is applicable in case of house collapses, accidents, theft of goods, burns or any inconvenience caused by damage to the house or the belongings inside.

6. Travel Insurance

If you have to travel somewhere alone or with your family, then it may be a good idea to have travel insurance or travel insurance. In such a situation, the insurance company bears the loss of money in case of delay or cancellation of the journey or accident during the journey.

7. Crop Insurance Hindi or Farmer Insurance

If you are a farmer, then you must get your crop insurance every year. What is the weather trust, it may or may not rain. But if you have insured your crop, you can do farming without any worries.

If there is no rain or due to any other reason your crop is destroyed, then the insurance company compensates for the loss.

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8. Other type of Insurance Plan

Pet Insurance Pet Insurance
Political Risk Insurance Political Risk Insurance
Marriage Insurance Insurance for Marriage
Coronavirus Insurance Corona Virus Insurance
Mobile Insurance Mobile Phone Insurance

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